Optical Sensors


Nirox manufactures optical sensors for distance and thickness measurements. Thickness of layered structures can be detected as well. The measurement is one-sided (reflection) and non-contact and can be universally applied without limitation in production line and quality control laboratory.

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The optical sensors are based on low-coherence interferometry to measure thickness of transparent and semi-transparent materials. Low coherence light sources, like halogen lamp or superluminescent diodes, together with multichannel optical receiver allow the measurement of thickness up to 4 mm.

Several models are available with different measuring ranges. Multiple heads systems are also available.

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Sensors for multi-layer materials

The optical sensors are based on optical coherence tomography to analyze multi-layered complex structures. The internal optical circuit raises the interference signal that codes depth position of reflection along the optical axis.

Several models are available with different axial resolution, stating the minimum thickness for a layer to be detected.

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