Machine Vision Inspection system


Nirox srl designs, builds and commissions machine vision inspection systems; these systems can make possible several controls of product and productions.

The applications are potentially without limitations as these systems can be applied in production line or quality control laboratory.

The machine vision inspection systems range from simple visualization of process/product to automatic embedded analysis of features like quality surface and dimensional measurements.

Our Products

Dimensional measurements systems

The machine vision systems for dimensional and coordinate measurements are based on matrix camera and specific lenses to create high contrast images for border and profile detection.
The controlling software processes the images, thus extracting measurements that are compared to the technical CAD drawings.

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Spot-Surf: 3D shape reconstruction

Spot-Surf is an optical 3D system to measure coordinates and analyze surfaces.  The use of microscope objectives and optics together with fine z-axis positioning system allows 3D shape reconstruction with accuracy in the micrometer and sub-micrometer range.

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