Inspection systems for plastic tubes


The production of plastic transparent object in various shapes plays an important role in view of the many applications of such objects.

Extrusion of plastic tubes for medical application requires a high level of quality and traceability. One of the defects that can affect the quality of tubular product is the non uniformity of its thickness across the section, with negative consequences on the workability of the final product.

Start-up activities and job changes should take as minimum time as possible in order to avoid material waste and reduce costs, thus inspection systems to check the centering of the product are essential.

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The in-line inspection system is made of a multiple head optical sensor, a fixture housing all the measuring heads and a frame for putting the system in line with simple adjustments. The software supervisor is the user-friendly operator’s interface with recipe, data display (both numeric and graphical), time trend chart and report.
Standard versions have four or eight measuring heads placed around the tube. Different layout are built according to customer’s needs.

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The tube off-line inspection system is made of single head sensors for wall-thickness and outer diameter. The tube is rotated to obtain a complete map of the dimensions; rotation stage can be manual or motorized.

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Plastic tubes like foils are usually produced with complex multi-layered composition, where each layer have specific behavior, like barrier layers. Additional medical tubes can also have multi-lumen inner section that are controlled for within tolerance only off-line.
The  solution is based on the multi-Thick optical sensor for layer discrimination, scanning optics, mounting fixture and user-friendly operator interface.

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