Measurement systems for metal industry


Metal parts can present complex structures and generally request the highest measure precision and product quality to be compliant for the following manufacturing processes. They are often produced at very high temperatures, thus making the measuring process difficult.

NIROX’s optical instruments for metal are designed to measure and detect possible flaws during production and in extreme environmental conditions.


NIROX’s dimensional control systems measure any material, both hot and cold, and detect continuously in production lines and with micrometric precision:

  • diameters
  • widths
  • heights
  • quotas

Main applications are:

  • precision CMM machining/grinding
  • rolling mills and steelworks
  • profiles for construction industry
  • profiles for automotive


Bevel, or chamfer, is a key finishing process of bars and tubes to prepare the ends for subsequent processing. The continuous evolution towards automation of machining requires more and more product controls in order to avoid interruptions in the processing chain. The dimensional control of this machining is carried out by a vision system:

  • Double cross camera for bevel centering
  • Specific optics for dimensional measurements, without need for recalibration
  • Measurement of all the bevel geometry according to cad drawing, in particular of length and centering

The main applications are:

  • production plants for metal bars
  • round, square, hexagonal sections of bars
  • steel, aluminium and brass bars
  • no limitation to the type of metal


NIROX provides inspection systems of the surface’s quality of metal which can detect directly in line cosmetic defects, corner damages, stains, dents and residues from extrusion. The supervisor panel can manage the product sorting.

Main applications are:

  • metal bar production for automotive
  • bars and tubes in round, hexagonal, flat, square and angular profiles
  • chromed tubes and bars for hydraulics and pneumatic industry
  • rolling mills, steelworks
  • precision mechanics


NIROX’s inspection system is based on thermographic images processing through dedicated algorithms and allows to detect casting and rolling defects.
In addition, the processing of the video stream allows to highlight a break in the rolling rings; this signalling enables a timely intervention that avoids the worsening of the situation. The process is controlled by several thermal imaging cameras installed among the rolling stations.

The main applications are:

  • customized realization on specific needs
  • inspection in harsh environments
  • predictive control of rolls breakage
  • immediate signalling of production problems
  • quick integration into production line
  • easy to use


The inspection system for monitoring of a rolling mill is equipped with various camera modules, suitable for the particularly harsh environment, and with a centralized image processing system according to specific algorithms, capable of intercepting product stranding. Built on customized specifications but scalable on other applications, it represents one of the several examples of NIROX’s capabilities to offer tailor-made solutions for in line measurements and inspections.

The main applications are:

  • customized realization on specific needs
  • inspection in harsh environments
  • camera based system
  • predictive control of product stranding
  • quick integration into production line
  • easy to use