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7 June 2024

Is it possible to measure thickness of micro-coatings?

NIROX has designed and manufactured various families of sensors for the measurement, both in the production line and in the laboratory, of different sizes of the object being processed: from…
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17 May 2024

Optical Inspection of Plastic Tubes and Tubulars

Plastic tube extrusion demands high steadiness, quality and traceability level. Non-uniformity of dimensions is a flaw that can compromise the product quality. NIROX's TMline measuring systems measure constantly and with…
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6 May 2024

Diameter and Ovality continuosly under tight Control

NIROX's ODK optical sensors allow to measure the outer Diameter, directly in the production line, non-contact, at high speed and without slowing down the process. ODk micrometers are available in…
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11 April 2024

Every aspect is PERFETTO!

Discover our optical measuring instruments for primary pharmaceutical packaging manufacture plant, which work non-contact and directly on-board of production lines.
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3 April 2024

Inline Optical Thickness Measurements

The m-Thick family of optical sensors enables the measurement of the total thickness of any transparent or semitransparent material, including coatings, both in production lines and in QA/QC laboratory. Measurements…
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7 March 2024


MECSPE Pad. 29 Stand A57
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2 March 2024

MECSPE BOLOGNA Pad. 29 Stand A57

We are waiting for you at our stand at MECSPE exhibition to show you our systems for measuring diameter, thickness and other dimensions, and for quality control, directly in the…
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12 February 2024

Our Trio of Sensors

The Trio of NIROX's m-Thick, multi-Thick and OTS sensors is ready to perform for you by measuring thickness in-line and off-line quickly, without contact, with micrometric precision and harmonizing with…
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22 January 2024

The profile is perfect in every respect!

NIROX’s PMline external profile measurement systems are applicable to any opaque material, both hot and cold, and allow to measure continuously in production lines and with micrometric precision diameters, widths,…
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12 January 2024


Among the appointments marked on your 2024 calendar, note a visit to the NIROX stand in pavilion 29 - Quality and Control - of MECSPE exhibition from 6 to 8…
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22 December 2023

Season’s greetings

The NIROX staff wishes You a Joyful Christmas and a Happy 2024! We inform You that we will be closed from December 23rd to January 7th.
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19 December 2023

Christmas is coming

and a touch of Christmas arrives in NIROX as well
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20 October 2023

Our new look!

Watch out for our N 😉
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12 October 2023

About us

The important sector magazine Glass Machinery Plants & Accessories has published in its 5/2023 issue a detailed article on NIROX's measurement and control systems for pharmaceutical packaging production plants. Don't…
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3 October 2023

You Extrude, We Measure!

Plastic tube extrusion demands high steadiness, quality and traceability level. Non-uniformity of dimensions is a flaw that can compromise the product quality. NIROX's TM.line measuring systems measure constantly and with…
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27 September 2023

Precision is my job!

An industry is all the more Sustainable, the more it reduces errors and therefore production waste: NIROX'S MCS.line control systems measure any material, both hot and cold, and detect directly in…
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21 September 2023

Let’s start from the bottom!

The pharmaceutical market increasingly requires that primary glass packaging respect precise parameters: the dimensions must be 100% inspected to guarantee full functionality of the packaging and the bottom of the…
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13 September 2023

As many layers as you want!

The family of multi-Thick optical sensors allows to analyze stratified materials, making it possible to measure the thickness of any transparent or semi-transparent material, including substrate coating. The sensor measures…
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7 September 2023

Better check first!

Our new NCSlab automatic offline system is getting a great appreciation among Glass Tube and Preform producers and transformers, as it is a powerful tool that quickly provides tube measurements…
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10 March 2023

Mecspe 2023

From 29 to 31 March, we are waiting for you at the MECSPE fair, BolognaFiere, in Hall 29 dedicated to Control and Quality, in the NIROX stand A57, to discover…
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31 August 2022


Visit NIROX stand at Glasstec fair in Düsseldorf, hall 14 stand A05, to discover our products and innovations for measurement and control, both in line and in laboratory, for the…
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29 March 2022


Plastic tube extrusion demands high steadiness, quality and traceability level; the uniformity of the wall thickness is fundamental. NIROX optical systems can measure wall thickness, concentricity, outer diameter, ovality and…
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25 February 2022


NIROX optical control systems can measure any material, both hot and cold, and can detect the DIAMETER continuously, in production line and with micrometric precision.
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19 January 2022


More and more leading companies of pharmaceutical packaging choose NIROX to be sure to always meet the dimensional requirements of containers: constant dimensional detection is important already in production, including that…
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17 September 2021


From 23 to 25 November 2021 NIROX will exhibit at MECSPE, in Bologna (ITALY), SALONE CONTROL AND QUALITY to introduce you to our new solutions for product measurement and inspection,…
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6 May 2020

NIROX is operating

In these particular days NIROX is operating: we are at your disposal for any question or request concerning measurement or control requirements. You can write to our e-mail addresses or…
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27 February 2018


Glasstec is the International Trade Fair for glass products and glass applications, glass machines, glass production, glass processing and finishing. We’ll be exhibiting at GLASSTEC 2018 in Dusseldorf (Germany). Please…
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27 February 2018


We’ll be exhibiting at GLASSPACK 2018 in Milano (Italy). GLASSPACK is an exhibition and conference dedicated to companies engaged in container glass production and customization for beverage, spirits and food,…
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27 February 2018

MECSPE 2018 Parma

We’ll be exhibiting at MECSPE 2018 in Parma (Italy). MECSPE is the reference fair of the manufacturing industry being the meeting point between production technologies and industrial supply chains. Please…
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4 April 2017


We’ll be exhibiting at GLASSPACK 2017 in Pordenone (Italy). GLASS PACK 2017 is a new exhibition and conference dedicated to companies engaged in container glass production and customization for beverage,…
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4 April 2017


We’ll be exhibiting at A&T 2017 in Torino (Italy), May 3-5.   A&T is the reference exhibition event in Italy for manufacturing industries, system integrators, research centers.   Please find here all…
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11 July 2016


We’ll be exhibiting at the Glasstec 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, September 20-23. Come visit us at booth C13 – Hall 14!!  
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30 January 2015

News on Giornale di Brescia

The Giornale di Brescia newspaper  talks about us
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4 September 2014

Glasstec 2014

We'll be exhibiting at the incoming Glasstec 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Come visit us at booth A13 - Hall 15!!  
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5 May 2014

Control 2014

We'll be exhibiting at the incoming Control 2014, Stuttgart,Germany, in cooperation with the company Aeroel. Come visit us at Halle 5 Stand 5135.