Measurement systems for glass industry


Glass products, often used for food, pharmaceutical and safety applications, need absolute respect of dimensions required by the end-user. The laboratory QA/QC sample testing cannot grant the quality of the whole production lot. NIROX’s solutions for Glass industry, suitable for various steps of production chain, allow to measure, without stopping or slowing down the process, and to grant the specifications for the entire lot.


m-Thick optical sensors measure total thickness of any transparent or semi-transparent material, including coating. Main applications for Glass industry are:

  • TFT e LCD panels
  • thin glasses for electronics
  • pharmaceutical tubes and lighting tubes
  • glass plates for watchmaking


multi-Thick optical sensors can analyze layers of any transparent or semi-transparent material, including coating over substrate. Main applications for Glass sector are:

  • automotive laminated glass
  • coating over glass
  • glass panels for electronics
  • capillaries
  • safety and fire glass
  • slimming of glasses for electronics


OTS optical sensors have been designed for glass slimming process. This is a fundamental process in the production of mass-market electronics based on TFT/LCD and OLED displays, because it allows to reduce weight od devices such as TV and mobile phones, by reducing the encapsulating glass thickness.

OTS sensors can measure panels thickness directly in the slimming chamber and  with micrometric precision.


NIROX’s tubes measurement systems allow to measure directly in production line with micrometric precision:

  • wall thickness
  • concentricity
  • outer diameter
  • ovality
  • inner diameter

of glass tubes for vials, ampoules and syringes; lighting tubes; transparent and amber glass; preform tubes.


NIROX‘s glass vials and ampoules measurement systems allow the in-line control, with micrometric precision of:

  • bottom thickness
  • bottom concavity
  • container length

of pharmaceutical vials and ampoules and glass containers; they can be customized according to specific requirements.


Glass capillary measurement systems allow to inspect directly in line:

  • wall thickness
  • concentricity 
  • outer diameter
  • ovality
  • coating thickness
  • inner diameter