Measurement systems for plastic industry


Plastic production processes require the most accurate and quick inspections and measurements, which must be easily integrated into the production line. NIROX’s optical instruments for plastic allow to measure various parameters constantly and directy in line, without altering the process, in order to guarantee that specifications are respected in the entire production lot. Instruments can be placed in QA/QC laboratory, as well.


m-Thick interferometric optical sensors allow to measure total thickness of any transparent or semi-transparent material, including coating, both in production lines and in QA/QC laboratory. Main applications for Plastic sector are:

  • plastic film extrusion
  • plastic containers
  • preforms
  • plastic tubes and tubulars for flexible bags
  • lenses, membranes and medical devices
  • medical flexible bags
  • plastic films for automotive


multi-Thick optical sensors allow to analyze layers of any transparent or semi-transparent material, including coating over substrate. Main applications for Plastic sector are:

  • technical and barrier films for food packaging
  • coating over plastic
  • welding band inspection of flexible bags for medical and food packaging
  • lenses and medical devices


We provide in-line measurement systems that measure constantly and with micrometric precision:

  • wall thickness
  • concentricity
  • outer diameter
  • ovality
  • inner diameter

in extrusion lines of medical tube and in production plants of tubular for medical flexible bags.


NIROX’s external profile measurement systems are applicable to any opaque material, both hot and cold, and allow to measure continuously in production lines and with micrometric precision:

  • diameters
  • widths
  • heights
  • quotas/concavities/parallelisms

Main applications are profiles for construction industry and profiles and gaskets for automotive.